About VMU

Throughout its short and exciting history, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) has been faithfully nurturing its distinguished traditions. What sets this university apart is its willingness to organize studies, scientific research, and life of the community in a different way. Intellectuals from Lithuania and abroad participated in the reestablishment of VMU and defined its goals, which remain unchanged today. At VMU, the forerunning principles are liberal and democratic, emphasizing aesthetics, honesty, tolerance, and the ability to think independently. Through these ideals, creativity, progress and the development of national culture are all brought into sharp focus.

From the very first days of the university’s re-establishment in 1989, the experiences of Western universities have been an important influence. Based on the model of universities like Harvard, VMU implemented a more modern approach to studies. In that respect, VMU differs from other Lithuanian universities in the freedom it gives students to choose and design their own study schedule, while also being the first Lithuanian institution of higher education to offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree studies.

University also distinguishes itself by fostering multilingualism and multiculturalism: 30 foreign language courses are offered and, as a reflection of global trends, more and more lectures are taught in English, many of them by professors from abroad.

Located at the heart of Kaunas city, VMU is deeply ingrained in the life of Kaunas, as the city enjoys the university’s Jazz Connections Festival, performances by the VMU Music Academy’s lecturers, students and Alumni, the first professional university theatre in Lithuania and other cultural, social and artistic activities hosted by VMU.