• What is the timetable for ONLINE course?

We form two groups for online students (a break included for language lessons) based on which time is better for them depending on student time zone. If there is a need (work, studies, etc.) and the entire group agrees, we can adjust the time for a group, upon an individual agreement.

Group 1 language lecture 11.00-13.00
Sociocultural lecture 14.30-15.30
Group 2 language lecture 11.00-18.00

*Times might be slightly changed before the course.


  • What is the timetable for CONTACT course?

Language classes take place in the morning and the afternoon is devoted to the cultural/social activities, trips, etc.

  • When does the course start?

The official beginning of the courses is the 17th July 2021, but the weekend is devoted to the introductions, orientational games, etc. Language lessons begin from Monday (19th of July). The final exam is planned to take place during the last days of the courses.

The last day of the course is the 13th of August, which is devoted to the feedback session, the closing ceremony, and the weekend to follow and the official ending of the course is August 15th.

  • Will I get the scholarship?

One-time scholarship (600 EUR) is issued for the participants of CONTACT courses and paid out upon their arrival. In order to avoid additional costs for the participants when opening Lithuanian bank account, the scholarship is paid in cash.

Online course participants receive only the tuition waiver (no scholarship).

  • Do I have to plan my arrival myself?

Yes, you have to plan your arrival yourself and check the information whether you will be allowed to enter Lithuania and the isolation requirements. Please follow the requirements for entering the country and isolations rules.

https://urm.lt/default/en/important-covid19 or https://www.govilnius.lt/media-news/important-information-regarding-the-coronavirus

  • Can I join CONTACT courses and then change to ONLINE version or vice versa?

If your situation changes, and you find it no longer possible to arrive in Lithuania, you may switch from the contact to the online mode before the course and inform us about it as early as possible. However, there is no way to reverse your choice once the course starts. There is no possibility to switch between the modes during the course because they are taught by different teachers and at different times.

  • What if I have to self-isolate upon my arrival?

While we understand that there is so much uncertainty regarding the travel arrangements, you must take into consideration the possibility of self-isolation. You should follow the developments regarding travelling posted by your national government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. https://urm.lt/default/en/important-covid19

If you need to self-isolate upon your arrival, please inform us in advance.

  • Are you going to send the acceptance letter? When can I start for my visa procedure?

We will issue the acceptance letter as soon as possible. We will contact each person who requires visas individually.

  • I need Schengen visa, not the national visa. If I understand correctly, those who are vaccinated are not subjected to the self-isolation. However, could you please reassure that that statement is true and whether Astra Zeneca vaccine is applicable.

Yes, Astra Zeneca is registered in the EU so after full vaccination scheme, self-isolation is not necessary upon arrival.

  • My passport will be expired soon. I need to get a new passport. Also, may I ask, do you have a suggestion of the place for self-isolation to be suggested, if necessary.

Please send us the copy of the new passport ASAP. You will be able to self-isolate at VMU dorm.

  • When I arrive, do I have to go straight to the dorm, or do I have to go to the University first?

You should go straight to the dorm and join us on the first official day of studies, provided you don’t have to self-isolate upon your arrival.

  • Normally Taiwanese people are visa- free to go to Lithuania (Schengen countries) but because of covid, I may need some documents to prove for the reason to enter the country.

You will need C-type visa and prove that you have been vaccinated under the required scheme.

  • Will students from Georgian get each other’s contact information?

You will be able to communicate with each other on Slack or some other communication platform for students. Under data protection regulations, we cannot share the details of students.

  • Ar weekends free?

There are excursions on weekends, but they are optional.

  • What are the options of accommodation in Vilnius from the partners of VDU?

Vilniaus apartamentai.

  • Is there currently any chance that the self-isolation requirements for Schengen states will be loosened as not many participants of the course (I presume) will have a chance to get a full course of vaccination?


  • What is the location of classes (auditorium) in Vilnius
    T. Ševčenkos g. 31 (and the dorm is nearby).
  • How can I apply for the dormitories if I have to quarantine 10 days before the beginning of the courses? I’ll arrive on July 10th. Can I stay from July 10th in the dormitories until the end of the courses?

We will book a room for self isolation in our dorm. Please inform us about specific dates by email at bsu@vdu.lt

Do you provide hostels and price?

See information about accommodation

If you want to stay in Solo Society in Kaunas, inform us at bsu@vdu.lt

  • Will we study in Vilnius? I would prefer Vilnius city

If you chose your studies in Vilnius in the application form, then yes.

  • Just yesterday I got a vaccination passport. Am I exempt from isolation? I’ve never had the coronavirus and I’m vaccinated.

Depends, if the vaccine is recognised in the European Union.

  • I plan my trip through Belarus or Ukraine. Are these countries accepted by Lithuania? Just to be sure.

You will not be able to travel through Belarus probably.

  • Will we have mentors or somebody who will meet us at the airport or do we do it by our own?

We don’t provide mentor supervision upon arrival, but you will be able to access someone for assistance by coordinator’s phone (to be emailed).

  • Just to be sure, can I already buy tickets?

If you are sure about all the travel restrictions, then yes.

  • Do I have to pay for accommodation with my scholarship or is it financed, meaning I don’t have to pay for dormitory

You have to cover all of the expenses yourself from your scholarship.