Sumra Komal from Pakistan: “I have a plan to visit BSU again!”

Last year, Baltic Summer University welcomed over one hundred students from 30 countries. While students came to Lithuania to learn some specific skills and become acquainted with our country and wonderful city of Kaunas, they also taught us a lot. Foreign students notice things the locals no longer seem to notice and appreciate and amaze us with their insights. BSU team takes it all into consideration and strives to make each year’s courses even more memorable than the previous ones.

Therefore, we would like to share the stories of BSU students who immediately became members of our university community. The first conversation is with Ms. Sumra Komal from Pakistan, a gifted researcher continuously radiating good mood, who chose BSU for Methods in Molecular Genetics course last summer and… has won the title of the most active BSU promoter on social media!

Could you tell us about your experience in Lithuania? Was it your first visit here?

Yes, this was my first visit to Lithuania but not the last. Among many things that amazed me here and what I liked the most, was the mysterious Pink Soup, one of the most delicious and amazing soup I have ever tasted. It was a pure presentation of Lithuanian food. The most amazing trip was the one where I got to know about the amazing Kaunas city street art and stories behind each art piece.

Do you apply the knowledge gained in the courses in studies or work?

Yes, since I am a PhD student of Molecular Pharmacology, these techniques have helped me a lot in my research work.

Did you find any new friends in BSU?

My fellows in Molecular Genetics course. Megumi from Japan and Mina from the United Kingdom as well as Nilufar from Azerbaijan and many more. Obviously, I miss my friends too much now, and I have a plan to visit Baltic Summer University again!

What would be your advice to those, who would like to take part in Baltic Summer University 2019?

I always advice everyone to travel, but if the purpose of your travel is joining BSU,  you will do it for the most important things: first, gaining a lot of knowledge by joining any of the courses offered by BSU of your speciality and second of all, visit the best place to enjoy the natural beauty of Lithuania along with new friends from different countries of the world.

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