Monika Lisauskaitė

About me:

I work at the VMU International Cooperation Department with incoming and outgoing students and I just can’t imagine my life without such work! Meeting new people, helping them and seeing how their eyes glow when they get useful information and how they smile while having great time at our university gives me a reason to smile and be happy about everything too.
Personally, on a bright side, I am an outgoing person, I enjoy new initiatives, volunteering and creating new projects, yet, on the darker side of myself, I am kind of a geekish soul that can be easily hyped by ongoing game and comic book trends.

Since most of my life I have been “working” with international students, I do see myself as an international person who is able to adapt to many different environments and to befriend many different people.

Can help you out with:

Making you a BSU social media star!