Lithuania is a Baltic country, boasting an equally fascinating and inspiring history, speaking in one of the oldest and most complicated languages in the world (7 cases!), inhabited by friendly, talented people and surrounded by wonderful green nature, lakes, rivers that are simply breath-taking!

This online course is precisely about that – discovering Lithuania in full: studying the language, exploring wonderful nature and interesting cities, learning about the history, its twists and turns, how we dealt with our Soviet past, “return” to Europe and position in today’s world as well as the challenges that might wait ahead. There is so much to tell. And most importantly, Kaunas plays an important role in the history of Lithuania and you will get to hear it all once you come here!

Lithuanian language and culture course is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to (re)discover Lithuania: it is equally interesting for those who have some Lithuanian roots and for those who simply want to enjoy their time learning about a unique culture and language in a multicultural environment, as you will be studying with people from many different countries!

Language lectures aside, we will touch social, economic, political, cultural and historical aspects of Lithuania and the Baltic Region, enjoy various trips and deal with different tasks as well as the final project from your selected field of interest.

Students who are not complete beginners will take a placement test on the first day of the course to determine their level of the Lithuanian language.