Baltic Summer University invites for memorable adventures in Kaunas

This summer, Baltic Summer University (BSU) is getting back to Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) with 7 different programmes, offering a wide scope of topics available. Registration to the courses available on BSU’s website.

Summer as time for new skills and friends

In our imagination, summer is always the wonderful time of relaxation and holidays. However, students and other curious people are increasingly prone to combine both: rest and activities for personal and professional improvement. Maike Egidi from Germany, a student of last year’s BSU Creative Media Lab, claims that not only has she gained knowledge in her professional field, but she has also had one of the best summer adventures as well: “I have chosen Creative Media Lab after seeing an invitation online from its professor Jaq Greenspon. I was interested in a possibility to learn from the professionals and carry out practical tasks. Only when I got to the street with a professional camera, faced difficulties related to this task and overcame them together with my team, I understood what this creative process actually looks like and how many things there are to learn.” says Maike, who made a short film about a Lithuanian band Ravenjack.

Among other short films made by CML students, there is a short study on why the residents of Kaunas do not like the world-famous hit Despacito, why people learn Lithuanian and why is there a sculpture of a naked man in the middle of Kaunas. All answered by a group of students from the Netherlands, Germany, China and Vietnam. As for Ms. Egidi, she is currently studying for her Master’s in Journalism and Media Industries at VMU, so practical skills and knowledge she gained in summer is a valuable contribution to her studies.

A variety of courses in an international environment

BSU courses encompass various thematic areas, enabling students to choose activities based on their needs and interests. “Everyone will find something: we have options for those who want to improve their professional skills or learn new languages as well as those who see summer schools as an opportunity to get to know various cultures better. It is not only spending some time in Lithuania and learning about its history and traditions. Students benefit greatly from working in an international environment as well. It is always so fun to see students exploring each other’s culture and they tend to make us look at our own city and country in a new way as they notice things we don’t anymore,” says BSU coordinator Agnė Poderytė.

Popular courses aside, there is a new course on the Atomic Tourism based on the phenomenon of the Lithuanian city of Visaginas, during which students will research how cities recreate their identities. Another great improvement is the Summer Internship Programme, to be coordinated by VMU Centre for Enterprise Practice, offering innovative approaches to career and cultivation of skills. Lithuanian Language and Summer Course is getting back for the 21st time, inviting to Kaunas everyone interested in Lithuanian culture and history, people of Lithuanian origin as well as all language enthusiasts from all over the world.

Thing we learn when we don’t: cultural and social activities

Baltic Summer University offers more than theoretical lectures and practice: its students will also be engaged in interesting social and cultural activities. Participants of all courses will be able to get to know each other better by participating in BSU opening celebration, international party, events introducing national cuisines and cultures as well as creative workshops. It will also be possible to discover unexpected places in Kaunas with a street art tour, visits to VMU Botanical Garden and city museums. Some of the most anticipated moments of BSU agenda include weekend trips to Vilnius, Trakai and other places that help to explore Lithuania, its people, culture and history.

Registration to BSU courses is available until June 1 (April 1 for Summer Internship Programme) on BSU’s website. By May 1, students are welcome to take advantage of early registration fees. VMU students receive 50 per cent off the course fees.

All news about BSU’s recent developments can be found on our Facebook page.