Summer Internship Programme (SIP)

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  • price

    500 eur

  • Credit

    6 ECTS

  • time

    5 weeks

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Field of study Any
Dates 9 July 2018 –11 August 2018
Application deadline Registration is closed
Course Leader Orinta Movsesjan
Maximum number of students 30
Target Group Lithuanians from around the world and anyone interested in the modern Lithuania, its language, culture and history as well as a possibility to gain the professional and intercultural experience. The participants are not required to speak Lithuanian or have Lithuanian origin: anyone interested in this country and looking for a useful way to spend summer is welcome.
Entry requirements Strong motivation, English language proficiency (not lower than B2 level)
Short description It is a five-week internship programme which offers students with a possibility to do an internship at workplaces or institutions which are social partners of VMU, including Kaunas city municipality, medical institutions, museums and NGOs.

Internship placements for the students are provided based on their chosen fields including finance and economics, politics and international relations, medicine and social work, communication and public relations, marketing, advertising, IT, etc.

This programme offers:

  • Internship placements based on the major field of studies
  • Get to know the university and modern Lithuania
  • Introductory week at VMU
  • Lithuanian language classes (optional)
  • Cultural program and trips (optional)
  • 6 ECTS credits and VMU certificates
Aim To provide students with opportunities to acquire and/or improve intercultural and general professional skills, meet people from all over the world and better get to know Lithuania and Lithuanian culture.
Learning outcomes
  • Apply basic knowledge of the studied field and purposefully use the field’s technology (technical equipment, digital technologies, etc.)
  • Analyze, evaluate in a reasoned manner, and summarize the results of his/her own Professional activity
  • Adequately communicate in a foreign (English), native, and Lithuanian language, depending on the working and everyday situations
Programme Structure ·         Orientation Days (first 2 days are dedicated to various lectures on Lithuanian history and culture as well as student professional orientating, various workshops, meetings, lectures, other activities)

·         Internships in various organizations and institutions (practical opportunity for students to gain professional knowledge of their chosen field, learn or improve English language skills and get to know the modern Lithuania)

·         Additional social and cultural activities (Participants do not just follow their professional assignments; during the five weeks of their involvement they visit museums, attend lectures, visit historical sites and participate in a wide range of social and cultural events)

·         Midterm and final exams (in the midterm and final projects students use the skills obtained and practices as well as understandings achieved during the internship period in Lithuania. The Midterm Report requires to explore and describe the project area, while the Final Report and presentation concentrates on a deeper analysis of the issue)

Fee 500 EUR (includes tuition, teaching material, social programme, trips, excursions, refreshments provided during the cultural evening and opening/closing ceremonies).