German Language and Communication A1

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    420 eur

  • Credit

    3 ECTS

  • time

    2 weeks (80 hours)

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The aim of this course is to enable students to communicate in German in simple everyday situations and to provide them with the basic knowledge of German grammar corresponding to level A1. The course prepares students for studying, living and working in German-speaking countries. Students learn to read simple texts with the aid of a dictionary, to communicate correctly and to produce their own short written texts using simple language. They also practise pronunciation. During the course, participants learn about the culture and history of German-speaking countries, using TV, radio broadcasts, and Web sources from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The form of studies includes lectures, self-study tasks and work in SANAKO lab and virtual MOODLE environment. Participants get prepared to study German in level A2.1.


To develop communicative language competence that includes linguistic, pragmatic and sociolinguistic components through reception (listening and reading comprehension), production and interaction (speaking and writing) at level A1.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • introduce themselves and someone else in different situations
  • comprehend, speak and write about:
    • seasons, time, weekdays and weather
    • daily routine, hobbies and family
    • studies, job and profession
    • traditional food in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • home and home utensils
    • travelling and famous places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • shopping, clothes and body parts
    • festivals and holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • offer advice on relocating to Germany

Programme structure


  • Introducing yourself
  • Food and drinks
  • Family and friends
  • My flat
  • My day
  • Free time
  • Work and profession
  • Health
  • In a foreign city
  • New clothes
  • Holidays