Creative Media Lab

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    500 eur

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    3 ECTS

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    2 weeks

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Field of study Media
Application deadline June 1st
Dates 29 July 2018 – 11 August 2018
Contact person Ina Žurkuvienė
Maximum number of students 10
Target Group Bachelor, master level
Entry requirements Any student interested in the media
Short description Creative Media Lab invites you to get hands-on experience and become acquainted with various contemporary media forms. In small teams, students will use professional filmmaking equipment to create a documentary short film. The groups will be constantly guided by experienced professionals.

You will also learn to apply the knowledge gained during the programme creatively, grasp the specifics of video production technology, and understand the usage of lighting in film. At the camp, you will get to act, operate the camera, and direct, which will give you an understanding about filming and editing video material. In addition, you will be involved in analysing movies and study the art of rhetoric.

Aim The aim is to get acquainted with different media forms as storytelling tools.
Learning outcomes
  • You will gain the fundamentals of filming, screenwriting, and digital editing;
  • post-production.
Programme Structure
  • Creative writing, screenwriting,
  • Basics of interviewing,
  • Basics of lighting,
  • Basics of filming,
  • Basics of acting,
  • Basics of digital editing.

FROM MAY 1st: 550 EUR