Activate your English B2

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    420 eur

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    3 ECTS

  • time

    2 weeks (80 hours)

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The course aims at the development of all essential communicative skills at B1 level: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Based on communicative methodology and a skill-oriented approach, the course enables learners to improve their phonetic, grammatical and lexical competences, make presentations, participate in role-play activities and discuss cultural issues.  Students are briefly introduced to Lithuanian culture, traditions and contemporary lifestyle. The form of studies includes class work, seminars, group work, discussions, work in SANAKO computer assisted language learning lab and virtual MOODLE environment, individual work and activities of socio-cultural learning (e.g.  getting around in Kaunas, coping with culture shock, a visit to Čiurlionis Art Museum, etc.)


To develop students’ communicative competence of English used in real-life situations, to improve their listening and speaking skills through reception, production and interaction in multicultural and real-life environment at B2 level.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • use the language in various real-life situations;
  • develop a wide vocabulary of the given topics;
  • distinguish and use different grammatical structures when communicating in informal and formal situations;
  • express their viewpoints and participate in discussions and debates on the given topics;
  • give an academic presentation;
  • write a summary, an opinion-led essay and a formal letter;
  • describe graphs, charts and tables;
  • read and listen for details and specific information and understand information in complex texts.

Programme structure


  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Globalization
  • Cultures and intercultural communication
  • Transport and travelling
  • Expressing opinion and building arguments
  • Formal and informal language