Activate your English B1

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    420 eur

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    3 ECTS

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    2 weeks (80 hours)

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The course aims at the development of all essential communicative skills at B1 level: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Based on communicative methodology and a skill-oriented approach, the course enables learners to improve their phonetic, grammatical and lexical competences, make presentations, participate in role-play activities and discuss cultural issues.  Students are briefly introduced to Lithuanian culture, traditions and contemporary lifestyle. The form of studies includes class work, seminars, group work, discussions, work in SANAKO computer assisted language learning lab and virtual MOODLE environment, individual work and activities of socio-cultural learning (e.g.  getting around in Kaunas, coping with culture shock, a visit to Čiurlionis Art Museum, etc.)


Develop efficient communicative and cross-cultural competences of general English at B1 level

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • demonstrate control of grammatical accuracy, linguistic forms and lexical structures at B1 level;
  • understand clear standard input on current affairs and texts that consist mainly of high frequency everyday language;
  • use a sufficient range of vocabulary to express oneself in most general topics related to personality, work, business, design, etc.
  • participate unprepared in informal discussions on topics that are familiar, of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life;
  • write clear, connected text on topics of personal interest, a for and against essay, a covering letter and CV;
  • write a short report to interpret information in a chart;
  • deal with major inter-cultural misunderstandings.

Programme structure


  • Academic orientation
  • Personality types and language learning styles
  • Work placements and home-working
  • Business icons
  • Design then and now
  • Question formation
  • Present and past tenses
  • Modal verbs: basic functions
  • Making requests
  • Sounding polite
  • Formal and informal language
  • Describing charts
  • Similarities and differences between home and target cultures
  • Preparing for and delivering a talk