Accelerate your personal growth with PsyCap

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    550 eur

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    4 ECTS

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    2-week course, 10 work days

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Field of study
Social Sciences, Psychology
Duration (in weeks and hours)
2-week course, 10 work days
Application deadline
1 June 2020
13 July 2020 – 26 July 2020
Course Leader
Assoc. prof. dr. Loreta Gustainienė
Contact person
Kristina Kovalčikienė (
Assoc. prof. dr. Loreta Gustainienė, Assoc. prof. dr. Aurelija Stelmokienė, Prof. dr. Loreta Bukšnytė – Marmienė, Dr. Gabija Jarašiūnaitė – Fedosejeva

Entry requirements
This intensive internship course is designed for the master level students, young researchers who want to:

  • accelerate personal growth;
  • improve English language skills;
  • enjoy the international experience.
Short description
Positive psychological capital (PsyCap) is developmental state of a person with high emphasis on four characteristics that have a decisive influence on a person’s productivity and quality of life. In today’s volatile and ever-changing world, it is very important to improve your personality in order to be resistant to a variety of everyday stressors, live meaningfully, realize full potential and successfully achieve life goals. This course focuses on studying positive aspects of personality, including: self-efficacy (belief in personal competence), optimism, hope and resilience.
This course is your guide to increasing Psychological Capital. This course aims to develop the four aspects of PsyCap: hope, self-efficacy, optimism and resilience which determine our performance. The interaction of these elements creates a strong and positive forward momentum in our daily lives and in our professional activities.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • evaluate their self-efficacy beliefs and challenge them while applying emotional intelligence development techniques for leadership performance;
  • to understand such PsyCap components as hope and optimism as well as utilise them in your personality development process;
  • explain resilience through problem solving, creativity and self-control;
  • understand psychological factors influencing the career;
  • recognize, evaluate and to use the main strategies of conflicts’ management in practice.

Programme Structure
Courses include:

  • Self-efficacy through emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Optimism, mindfulness and well-being
  • Resilience through problem solving, creativity and self-control with biofeedback
  • Hope, career management and conflict management strategies
  • Self-analysis
  • Teamwork skills
  • Presentation skills

FROM MAY 1st: 600 EUR

(includes tuition, teaching material, social programme, excursions, refreshments provided during the cultural evening and opening/closing ceremonies).