BSU Team

Tomas Mickevičius

Mr. Tomas Mickevičius

Coordinator of Summer Internship Programme, advice of all the nice places you can see in Kaunas and Lithuania

Joris Kazlauskas

Mr. Joris Kazlauskas

Coordinator of Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course 2019

Our expert of the Lithuanian language. Knows 100 reasons why one should study it

Agnė Poderytė

Ms. Agnė Poderytė

Executive coordinator of Baltic Summer University

Any question you might have regarding Baltic Summer University

Coordinator of Atomic Tourism: A Case Study of Place Identity

Vigilija Žiūraitė

Ms. Vigilija Žiūraitė

Social media guru

Coordinator of Creative Media Lab

All the nice facts you get to know about Lithuania and our courses from social media

Elena Plotnikova

Ms. Elena Plotnikova

Coordinator of Methods in Molecular Genetics

Coordinator of Investigation of Biodiversity

Everything you need to know about our programmes that help getting to know our natural world